In Nepal, the renowned Tibetan style rugs have traditionally been made from Tibetan highland sheep wool, which is an abundant and important resource. The rugs are generally woven with an intricate knotting method specific to the region. Just as the local livestock provides the fiber that the weavers need to craft superior rugs, so too does the natural environment provide weaver with the raw materials necessary for dyeing. Each carpet is made with the highest level of precision and technique and takes roughly six months to make.

R & Company has collaborated with Amini, a carpet company based in Italy, to produce unique and limited edition rugs designed by a curated selection of artists including Wendell Castle, Hun-Chung Lee, Rogan Gregory, Lluís Lleó, Dana Barnes, The Haas Brothers, Thaddeus Wolfe, Katie Stout, David Wiseman and Renate Müller. The project breaks from the long-standing tradition of artists making carpets by printing a preexisting painting, drawing, or photograph on a rug. Instead, each artist has created a unique design that considers the form, material and process while simultaneously reflecting their individual styles. The carpets are all special editions produced at leading weaving factories in Nepal and India.

The Haas Brothers play with the idea of a classic animal hide by designing a series of rugs that feature their playful animal characters in bright colors. Wendell Castle’s carpets mimic large colorful brush strokes. David Wiseman’s rug features ornate details and meticulous patterns often found in his sculptural pieces. Rogan Gregory utilizes a unique carving technique in which he is able to manipulate the carpet’s surface texture. Hun-Chung Lee presents a bold colorful rug with a sculptural relief addition. Lluís Lleó presents a series of rugs that mimic his soft abstract paintings. Renate Müller creates refined geometric carpets that feature some of her beloved animal characters. Thaddeus’ carpets have sharp patterns similar to those found in his intricate glass works. Katie Stout’s rug reflects her playful style with a jungle-like landscape of colorful fruits and plants. Dana Barnes builds upon an an oriental rug by using an artisanal approach to alter the texture by knotting, braiding, felting and twisting techniques.

The artists were chosen because of their unique talents in the design world, their interest in experimentation and their shared interest in exploring hand made objects from international designers. The carpets are unique one of a kind works that reflect the individual themes and styles seen in each designers’ furniture and objects.