R & Company is pleased to announce Uncrated, an exhibition curated by leading interior design firm Pembrooke & Ives. Taking place on the upper level of the 64 White Street gallery, this collaboration is part of the R & Company’s annual guest curator exhibition that invites an influential designer or architect to reimagine and transform the gallery space. Uncrated follows the process of designing by showcasing the development of an interior space from start to finish. On view are furniture, objects and lighting presented both in a raw state (in shipping crates, pallet racks and boxes) and in a curated living setting. Andrew Sheinman, founder of Pembrooke & Ives states, “Uncrated explores the process of the interior designer from discovering and sourcing unique and inspired pieces of furniture and design, the joy of unwrapping these objects for the first time, and the way in which these elements come together to form the spaces we inhabit.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Pembrooke & Ives on this exhibition” states R & Company principal Zesty Meyers. “The team has selected historical and contemporary works from our collection and presented them in a way that we could have never have imagined. This show is about discovery and the space has been transformed into an engaging environment that invites people to wonder through the gallery and explore the works on view.”

Activating all aspects of the gallery space, the exhibition takes viewers on a tour from concept to installation. Visible from the exterior of the building, is a storefront presentation of contemporary designs by Jeff Zimmerman, Serban Ionescu, Rogan Gregory and Katie Stout. At the entrance of the gallery is a large crate foyer composed of an interactive metallic wall which allows visitors to physically leave their mark by carving a drawing, their signature, or text. The compilation of marks created over the duration of the show, transforms the wall into a collaborative work of art that tells the story behind exhibition. The center of the gallery space showcases a series of three large scale shipping crates. Like jewels in a box, the crates reveal surprises through peep holes and cracks: colorful ceramics pop by Kelly Lamb, chairs designed by Pierre Yovanovitch are revealed, and lighting by Jeff Zimmerman shines alongside many other coveted works. Displayed in a sequence, the crates each contain uniquely curated interiors that as you walk down the gallery floor become progressively more visible to unveil treasured designs.

Leading towards the back of the exhibition is a fully realized dining room anchored with a monumental historical Wendell Castle table, a unique Rogan Gregory sculptural hanging light and a grand marble fireplace designed by The Haas Brothers. The monochromatic silver and white hues (that are a color theme throughout the exhibition) are broken up on the wall with a series of elegant rosewood Brazilian mirrors and gold Haas Brothers’ mirrors hung salon style. The curated space showcases how design elements can come together to create a comforting and engaging environment. Uncrated trails this process of discovery by taking the viewer on a behind scenes journey of the interior designer.

Uncrated: Curated by Pembrooke & Ives is on view from June 26 to August 22 on the upper level of R & Company’s 64 White Street location and runs concurrently with Greta Magnusson Grossman: Modern Makes Sense exhibition.