Kelly Lamb

A biography

Kelly Lamb is an artist and designer whose work spans diverse disciplines including: sculpture, photography, video, ceramics, furniture, product and interior design. Lamb’s work explores themes of infinity and continuum, heaven and earth, and the present and past. She is especially drawn to the juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms and the reflection of personal inner emotional experience in the larger themes and currents of collective society. Symbols and elements recur and their monumental scale is intended to trigger recognition of the cosmic and spiritual as well as the inner psyche.

Lamb’s work has been exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and art fairs including: the MOCA, Los Angeles; The New Museum, NYC; The Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC; R & Company, NYC; Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France; Agnes B., Paris, France; Art Basel, Switzerland/Miami; the Armory Show, NYC; and ALAC, Los Angeles CA. Lamb has had two solo exhibitions in New York City at Spencer Brownstone and the Newman Popiashvili Gallery.

Originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts, Lamb received her BFA from Bennington College. She lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.