The Objects Biennial

18 November 2014 - 10 January 2015

82 Franklin St NY 10013

R & Company is pleased to announce the return of their acclaimed exhibition The Objects Biennial, curated by gallery principals Evan Snyderman and Zesty Meyers. The fourth edition of The Objects Biennial will be on view November 18, 2014 through January 10, 2015.

Meyers and Snyderman source the works for The Objects Biennial from their world travels, collaborations with designers and galleries they admire, and smaller-scaled sculptural and functional works from the artists the gallery represents. The Biennial takes place every two years at the holidays, and the highly gift-worthy works in the exhibition run the gamut from jewelry, vessels, objects for the home, and toys, to small furniture, ceramics, and sculptural works.

R & Company principal Zesty Meyers says, “We have found that the global collector really loves and responds to unique handmade objects. With this exhibition in mind, we search all the time to build an exciting and diverse selection that introduces new or exceptional forms, concepts, and ways of working with materials.”

The exhibition includes new styles of some of the most coveted works from the last Biennial — such as Alma Allen’s minimal, elegant bronze bowls, Chris Garofalo’s otherworldly ceramics and Anne Fischer’s intricate jewelry featuring hand-carved texts from Dante’s Divine Comedy — as well as the premiere of work from designers Rogan Gregory, Peter Eastman, and Bernd Rückert. Long known for his eponymous fashion line, Rogan Gregory débuts his handmade sculptural forms inspired by wandering the halls of the sociology and anthropology building at the university where his father is a sociology professor, and by the anatomical lessons provided by his sister, a Smithsonian-based anthropologist. South African artist Peter Eastman presents original, unisex jewelry created from decommissioned coins. German designer Bernd Rückert met Meyers and Snyderman through Renate Müller, with whom Rückert partners on large sculptural play spaces. The Objects Biennial will be the US premiere of his adult work: hand-carved and painted erotic Muses inspired by goddess figures in ancient art. As he writes in his artist statement, “Everyone should have a muse.”

The exhibition will also feature new works from South African ceramicists Ardmore, felt object maker Ronel Jordaan, Los Angeles designer Kelly Lamb, and several designers the gallery represents exclusively including Renate Müller, David Wiseman, Thaddeus Wolfe and Jeff Zimmerman.

2014 The Objects Biennial designers:

Alma Allen (USA)
Ardmore (South Africa)
Peter Eastman (South Africa)
Anne Fischer (USA)
Chris Garofalo (USA)
Rogan Gregory (USA)
Ronel Jordaan (South Africa)
Kelly Lamb (USA)
Renate Müller (Germany)
Bernd Rückert (Germany)
David Wiseman (USA)
Thaddeus Wolfe (USA)
Jeff Zimmerman (USA)