The Armory Show

4 - 8 March

Pier 94, New York


R & Company announces its participation in the 2020 edition of The Armory Show taking place on Pier 90 and Pier 94 March 5-8.The booth debuts a diverse presentation of recent works by innovative contemporary artists.

On view is a new large-scale work by Dana Barnes handmade out of exotic wool, and silk fibers mounted on the wall. For this sculptural piece, Dana uses an innovative wet bonding technique to achieve its organic and delicate form. Hanging at the center of the booth is an illuminated ceramic sculpture made by Katie Stout. Titled “Lisa, Susan & Karen” the piece is composed of three strong female forms hanging upside down in a vertical row holding a glowing golden orb. Presented on the wall is a series of new whimsical and abstract paintings by Nancy Lorenz inspired by her adolescence in Japan and made with various gold leafs, gesso and jute.  Also on view is the debut of two new vibrant paintings by Serban Ionescu as well as a series of unique Hex stools made by The Haas Brothers out of brass hex tiles. 

Additionally, a portion of the booth and wall is devoted to showcasing a solo installation of new works by leading glass artist Jeff Zimmerman, in which he has created a collection of unique silver mirrored glass forms that when mounted together in a pattern create an immersive space. Together, these works presented at The Armory Show demonstrate R & Company’s mission of pioneering historical and contemporary designers who push the limits of their respective crafts and challenge the division between art and design.