Joyce Lin: Material Autopsy

Closing August 17

64 White Street


“The exhibition title, Material Autopsy, speaks to this idea of ‘limbo’ or state of transition in which my objects so often exist, as well as my own commitment to dissecting my materials to understand them, change them, and see them anew.” —Joyce Lin

On April 20, R & Company will open a solo exhibition of new and recent work by emerging Houston-based designer Joyce Lin—her first since she joined the gallery’s program in 2021. In recent years, Lin has come to be recognized for creating works that explore the connections between outer surfaces and interior structures through pieces such as Egg Chair (2019) and Skinned Table(2020). With her forthcoming exhibition, titled Material Autopsy, Lin is continuing these explorations, while also delving more broadly and deeply into the range and impact of human intervention into our physical surroundings. Her distinct practice captures the humor and anxiety related to the ongoing erosion of boundaries between the natural and artificial and embraces material experimentation as core to the art of making.

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Zoom Conversation: Rosanne Somerson and Joyce Lin in Conversation