Joaquim Tenreiro, Brazil, 1961

Dining table in ebonzied imbuia with black under-painted glass top. Designed by Joaquim Tenreiro, Brazil, c.1961.

While Tenreiro created tables in various sizes and materials, his large-scale pieces in wood and glass feature some of his most ingenious design solutions. Utilizing architectonic principles for structure, Tenreiro made feet that work the same way as the pillars of a building with an overhanging slab. Because the support is not placed along the edges, the table can be long and free for seating all around. Tenreiro often placed underpainted glass on tabletops, which serves multiple functions. To start, warm plates or cold beverages can be placed without damaging the wood. Additionally, they allow the use of color and bring variety to the material textures.

117" L x 43" W x 29.5" H