Verner Panton

4 October - 31 December 2001

82 Franklin St NY 10013


Over the course of his career Verner Panton (1926-1998) introduced a series of modern chairs, environments and lighting with personalities unlike those of any of his Scandinavian contemporaries. Experimenting with every material available, and inspired by the rapidly advancing technology of production processes, he created a body of work that is astounding for its elegance and for the remarkable diversity of his pieces. In this exhibition, Panton’s furniture is showcased in elaborate, colorful, psychedelic environments that emulate some of his original showroom and exhibition designs.

Panton’s prescient knowledge of the movements that would become Pop, and later Postmodern Design, can be seen in some of his earliest work and an understanding of the remarkable influence that he exerted over designers and artists since 1960 is only just now being explored. As the thousands of drawings in his archives come forward, we can only imagine that these pieces will continue to serve as a blueprint for many aspects of the future of design.