The Salon Art + Design

10-14 November 2016

R & Company is pleased to announce its participation in The Salon Art + Design Fair 2016 with a curated selection of historical and contemporary designs. On view are a collection of Thaddeus Wolfe’s vibrant, hand-blown glass vessels and lighting, alongside German designer Renate Müller most recent group of “Therapeutic Toy” animals and a new series of Rogan Gregory’s hand-carved illuminated wall sculptures.

In addition, the booth will feature The Haas Brothers’ latest series of new Accretions, Hex works, Mini Beasts and paintings which coincide with works in their current solo exhibition, King Dong Come. Also on view is ceramic lighting by Katie Stout and a coin bowl designed by Johnny Swing, both of whom are new artists to join the gallery’s roster. The selection presented at The Salon Art + Design Fair showcase an innovative group of historical and contemporary designers and reflect the works at R & Company’s current exhibition, The Objects Biennial, on view November 15th through January 5th.