The Artisans

13 February - 28 March

82 Franklin Street

R & Company presents The Artisans, a furniture collaboration between Chapas Textiles and Jouffre on display at the gallery’s 82 Franklin Street location. On view is a selection of rare Brazilian mid-century furniture that has been reupholstered by Jouffre with bespoke textiles made by Tara Chapas. This timeless collection reflects the highest level of craftsmanship from the traditional woodworking techniques of the Brazilian masters to the immaculate contemporary fabrics handwoven by Tara Chapas.

“This exhibition was inspired by a group of historic Brazilian furniture pieces from the gallery’s collection. These pieces were important enough that they remained hidden in our inventory and left unrestored with the thought that the right moment would come for them to be shown” states R & Company co-founder Evan Snyderman. “We are thrilled to be handing these valued treasures to the finest artisans in the business of upholstery and textile making. This allows the furniture to be brought back to its former glory while simultaneously moving towards the 21st century.”

The collection includes unique pieces by Brazilian designers Joaquim Tenreiro, José Zanine Caldas, Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler all made in the 1940’s and 50’s. Many of the works, originally commissioned for a private Brazilian client, were acquired directly from one estate in Rio. The series includes an elegant rosewood chaise lounge, a selection of modern wood seating and a sleek sofa. Each distinct furniture piece has been reupholstered by Jouffre with a custom textile developed and hand woven by Tara Chapas. The varying color, texture and bespoke pattern choices reflect the individual design and form of each furniture piece. Utilizing the finest materials and techniques, Tara’s process of creation reflects the high level of craftsmanship utilized by the Brazilian masters.

Tara Chapas states, “By combining luxurious yarns together, we create a timeless signature-style, each with an exquisite color palette, richness, and depth. Our fabrics are hand woven to order by highly skilled American artisans who produce only the required yardage and utilize the latest green technologies. We are committed to a work process that is ecologically responsible.”

The Artisans debuts at R & Company on February 12th and runs through March 16th. Discover more about this exhibition via our #RStories feature.