Sticks, Stones, Bones

25 September - 1 November 2008

82 Franklin St NY 10013

R 20th Century Gallery announces “Sticks, Stones, Bones,” an exquisite grouping of fine art, design, antiquities and natural phenomena presented in a unique re-imagining of the modern gallery context, curated by Michael Reynolds. Together, the pieces present the origins of good design, the triumph of materials and a harmonious resonance between the layers of time stratified in the of North American caves, and Robert Polidori’s stunning photographs of Petra, Jordan, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The curator’s intelligent, wittily elegant and spiritually conscious vision. In his curatorial statement, Reynolds writes, “These pieces are living entities that have energy, contain information and possess the ability to profoundly affect the overall energy of a space.”

The exhibition opens to the public September 25 and will remain on view through November 1.

With the exhibition, Reynolds encourages the viewer to meditate on the art of past and present culture, by combining ritualistic, religious and decorative artifacts—from ancient cultures as far-reaching as Egypt, Imperial Rome, Tibet, China, Cambodia and South America— with some of the most sensuously sculptural and exceptional pieces from R 20th Century Gallery’s collection of 20th and 21st century design. The objects are accompanied by a tightly edited selection of fine art that includes a Claudio Bravo lithograph, never before seen Victoria Sambunaris photographs antiquities and art loaned for the exhibition come from premiere participating New York galleries such as Safani Gallery, Merrin Gallery, Arnold Lieberman, Throckmorton Fine Art, Astro Gallery of Gems, Marlborough Gallery, Yancey Richardson Gallery and Edwynn Houk Gallery.

Reynolds masterfully reworks the architectural elements of the gallery space starting with dramatic window drapery provided by Pollack Fabrics. Eye-catching, and mischievously sophisticated hand printed wallpaper from New Orleans based Flavor Papers and New York based Studio Printworks highlight custom built vignettes that showcase exquisite pairings of objects, design and art. Throughout, Reynolds illustrates his philosophy that the power of these messengers from our collective aesthetic and cultural past can powerfully shape the interior landscape when combined in imaginative and intuitive ways.

“Sticks, Stones, Bones” is the curatorial début of New York native Michael Reynolds, a contributing style and design editor for a broad selection of international publications. For over twenty years Reynolds has imbued the printed page with his singular and extraordinary aesthetic—an inspiring composition of textures, colors and forms, united as a cohesive and thoughtful whole. “Sticks, Stones, Bones” brings this to life while unveiling Reynolds’ extensive passion for and connoisseurship of design from ancient times through today.