Failed Seriousness: Lapo Binazzi and Serban Ionescu

Virtual Exhibition


Separated by several generations and thousands of miles, Lapo Binazzi and Serban Ionescu come together in this virtual exhibition to have an intellectual conversation about how we live with objects and to question the essence of décor. The works of Binazzi and Ionescu are paired together in a virtual drama, full of backstories, superheroes, and surrealist settings. The passion for the absurd and the drive to express one’s self through three-dimensional objects ties these two designers together. 

A Recent Conversation


Salut Evan and Lapo,

Hope you are both well in these crazy but exciting times. With all this time on my hands I have been thinking how people are now more than before in their homes with their stuff. Maybe they will come out of this quarantine wanting new stuff or looking at their stuff differently. Susan Sontag had this concept of “failed seriousness” (she referred to the idea of Camp), and it’s something I always love when I approach my work. Maybe this pandemic has shown us that our objects, furniture, stuff might be too serious, our homes too boring and void of life. Especially in times where it’s our only life line.  After graduating Architecture school and being carried by idealism in the real world I was shocked at how serious everything was. And quickly ran away from it. When I discovered your work Lapo, I began to second guess that seriousness.  Your work to me does not belong  to architecture, design or art but to life. And life is no fun if it’s too serious…  

How do you think people will look at their homes and objects when they will emerge into the daylight after this pandemic?

Look forward to this show and to continuing our talk. 

Much love,




Dear Serban,

You centered the question. Your quotation of Susan Sontag and

the Concept of Camp was and it is still

Now fundamental for the work of UFO and mine, acting new ideas

And processes derived by

Semiotics and by the example of Umberto Eco, our beloved professor.

Behavior and mind are united together to change the word here

And now, and not in the always

Procrastinator sky’s of ideology.





I do too love the idea of Camp. But I am still hitting a wall when it comes to camp being accepted as a design tributary… Maybe because of that “seriousness” is deep in the symbolism of today? Maybe design shouldn’t be a tool of reason. It takes more time to digest and be defined.

Would love to know more about your learnings from Umberto Eco, thats fantastic. I love this idea “Procrastinator’s sky of ideology” as a post covid behavior/mind set.

Much love,