Sayar & Garibeh: Broomlithic

Opening January 12, 2024

64 White Street

This exhibition will feature a selection of furniture and design objects that reflect Stephanie Sayar’s and Charbel Garibeh’s, distinctive stone carving and pay tribute to the simple, functional broom. Broomlithic marks the Lebanese design duo’s first solo exhibition in New York and will remain on view at R & Company’s 64 White Street location through October 27, 2023.

Broomlithic brings together two ideas of interest for Sayar & Garibeh: The Lithic stage in human development, which saw an increase in the creation and use of stone tools to establish a more settled and less nomadic lifestyle, and the broom, a humble but effective object that in many cultures also represents the experience of renewal. The works featured in the show unite references to these seemingly disparate ideas to new, unexpected results. Blocks of white, Lebanese stone are transformed into softly formed tables, benches, chairs, and other objects, with gentle curves and textured surfaces balanced by the weight of the stone. The works are further accented by fiber components that suggest the bristles of the broom, adding a compelling layer of whimsy and a sense of domesticity. Sayer & Garibeh’s approach highlights the power and beauty of stonework, while also communicating a light, optimistic, and humorous spirit.

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Wall color for this exhibition was generously provided by Alkemis Paint, the world’s first architectural wellness paint.