Rogan Gregory: Imperfect Truth

September 9 - October 27, 2022

64 White Street



Rogan Gregory is a curious and constant maker who sees little difference between the act of creating sculpture and functional furniture. Imperfect Truth is Gregory’s most definitive exhibition to date, capturing the depth and range of his creative output and boundless imagination: from sculptural lighting and sensuous seating to evocative sculptural works and complete living environments. These works, which prominently feature polished gypsum, bronze, and wood, blend visual and material vocabularies to dynamic and compelling results.

“Modern human beings have evolved over the past several hundred thousand years intimately sensing and interacting with the primordial world. Our contemporary lives have become increasingly digital and sterile, insulated through the use of flat screens instead of our physical senses. I use materiality, form and texture to engage the primeval, instinctive brain, juxtaposing our built, rectilinear, hard, flat world with a confluence of biomorphic, asymmetrical forms. There is truth in our interaction with the form. It is critical to our health and the health of life on earth to reconnect ourselves with what made us who we are.” —Rogan Gregory