Our Flag: Design Stands Together

1 May - 15 June 2017

82 Franklin St NY 10013

R & Company announces Our Flag: Design Stands Together opening May 1 and running through June 15. This benefit exhibition presents works from a range of contemporary designers, both emerging and established, who have created unique pieces inspired by the design of the American Flag. Bringing together the design and decorative arts community, the exhibition will donate all profits to the ACLU, an organization committed to protecting and defending human rights.

An opening reception will take place May 1st from 6-8pm on the lower level of the gallery.

Our Flag: Design Stands Together draws its inspiration from works created by Richard Marquis in the late 1960s at Venini in Murano, Italy. During the Vietnam-era of political and social unrest, a time when American flags were regularly burned during protests, Marquis crafted a series of murrine glass acid capsules depicting the American flag as a commentary. Examples from this series are in the Corning Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Marquis continued to use American flag imagery in his glass art, including a series of teapots, one of which is included in the exhibition, courtesy of the artist.

We have observed that the street protests, social media organizing and grassroots activism taking place across America in response to the policies of the Trump administration are rooted in a love for our country, our Constitution and our flag. In this spirit, R & Company has invited a range of designers and their New York galleries to create a unique piece for exhibition and sale, referencing directly or indirectly the design or colors of the American flag. United in theme, the visual impact of these works will offer a powerful statement from our design community.

Participants include:

Ali Tayar (Turkey)

Anat Shiftan (Israel), Hostler Burrows

Anne Fisher (USA), R & Company

Charles Meyers (USA)

Chris Wolston (USA), Patrick Parrish

Cody Hoyt (USA), Patrick Parrish

Greg Chait (USA), R & Company

The Haas Brothers (USA), R & Company

Jeff Zimmerman (USA), R & Company

Johnny Swing (USA), R & Company

Katie Stout (USA), R & Company

Kelly Behun (USA)

Lindsey Adelman (USA)

Lucas Maassen (Netherlands), Kinder Modern

Michelle Oka Doner (USA)

Richard Marquis (USA)

Roberto Lugo (USA), Wexler Gallery

Rogan Gregory (USA), R & Company

Sebastian Errazuriz (Chile), Cristina Grajales

Ted Muehling (USA)

Thaddeus Wolfe (USA), R & Company