OOPS, Curated by Pierre Yovanovitch

7 September - 26 October 2017


R & Company is thrilled to announce OOPS, an exhibition curated by Paris-based design atelier, Pierre Yovanovitch, on view at the gallery’s upper level September 7 – October 26. The exhibition, playfully entitled OOPS, is curated by Yovanovitch himself, and is part of R & Company’s annual guest curator exhibition, which invites an interior designer or architect to transform the gallery space. OOPS showcases twenty-four custom designs by Pierre Yovanovitch created exclusively for the occasion, important historical and contemporary works from R & Company’s permanent collection, in addition to a curation of artworks from American and French fine-art galleries. OOPS will be the designer’s first public show in the United States, bringing to light his exceptional mastery of both furniture-making and scenography.

The exhibition evolved from a longstanding friendship between Yovanovitch and R & Company founders, Evan Synderman and Zesty Meyers and took a full year to come to fruition. Their shared affinity for eclecticism, singularity and high craftsmanship is brought to life through Yovanovitch’s seamless blending of his pieces alongside works from the gallery’s permanent collection, including pieces by the Haas Brothers and Senegalese designer, Babacar Niang.

In Pierre’s own works, he presents a wide range of materials, patterns and colors chosen for their diversity, authenticity and decorative appeal. The collection includes: tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and suspended, table, floor and wall lighting, each stamped with the designer’s signature “PY” emblem.  Included in this series are Yovanovitch’s signature “Bear Armchair” which is presented for the first time in sheepskin and now includes three different sizes: Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. With a commitment to craft, Yovanovith incorporated various natural woods (oak, walnut, larch), raw metal, painted steel, enameled ceramic, stone, lacquer, blown or molded glass, leather, cotton fabrics, flax, and hemp.

Contemporary art is also present in the exhibition with two custom paintings created by French artist Claire Tabouret, whom Pierre has worked with most recently on a fresco painting done inside the ancient chapel on his property in Provence, France.

“In this exhibition, I wanted to reference vintage design in addition to showcasing contemporary works. I sought to make it, in a way, a dialogue between 20th and 21st century design – while I have a passion for contemporary works, I also feel as though paying homage to historical design disciplines is an act of respect as a designer,” says Pierre Yovanovitch.

Incorporating his signature “haute couture” style, the furniture designs are a testament to Yovanovitch’s extreme attention to detail, unfailing standards for design aesthetic and production, and his ability to enlist the best craftsmen in Europe. For the exhibition Yovanovitch worked with the most skilled cabinetmakers, ceramists, ironworkers, glassmakers, upholsterers, weavers, textile specialists, and lacquerers, including: Armelle Benoit (ceramist), Salomé Gendron (ceramist), Hugo Delavelle (cabinetmaker), Les ateliers Jouffre (Art Upholsterer), Les Ateliers Bataillard (metalworkers), Valentin Biville (metalworker). Matteo Gonet — Glassworks (glassmaker), Les Ateliers Brugier (lacquer), Chapas textiles (hand weaver), Yelleen Design (hand weaver and textile brand), Sam Kasten (hand weaver), Blanc Carrare (stone mason), Atelier Premiere Mériguet Group (painting and decorative coating, layout).

“R & Company’s annual guest curator exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to work with inspiring interior designers and architects. Pierre Yovanovitch brings an extraordinary level of sophistication to his projects. His reworking of our space will be a can’t-miss event and my only regret is that after 6 weeks we will be forced to remove the incredible installation,” states Evan Snyderman.