Katie Stout: Girls (and one Boy)

27 April - 11 May 2020

Virtual Exhibition



“The ‘Girls’ series presents stylized female nudes as domestic objects, meant to satirize the objectification and traditional role of women by way of extreme kitsch. The ‘girls’- clearly adult women- are titled as such in a reflection of how society disempowers and fetishizes women by referring to them as girls.  Despite their designated functions- as lamps, mirrors, and other household objects- the ‘girls’ are noticeably distracted from the tasks at hand. Some might perceive their naked antics as misbehavior, but the point is that it’s just behavior. There’s nothing naughty about it; women can be sloppy, weird, lumpy, mischievous and naked, and that’s just fine. The ‘girls’ are my vision of utopia, where females can exist in a domestic sphere unencumbered from societal pressures and encouraged to explore and play.” – Katie Stout, 2017