Glass in Context: Jeff Zimmerman and the Interior

Virtual Exhibition



“In the collector’s environment, there’s amazing architecture, there’s contemporary art, there are often antiques or other design objects, and then my sculptures, which embody design, art, and craft, and, in this way, they bring the entire space together.” Jeff Zimmerman

As one of the world’s leading glass artists, Jeff Zimmerman has been pushing the boundaries of his material for a career spanning more than two decades. Atmospheric and ethereal yet singular and powerful, Jeff Zimmerman’s illuminated sculpture is successful because he reimagines forms that are universally loved and revered in the natural world. From the cosmos to the smallest bubble, Zimmerman’s continuous investigation into the realm of science informs all of his work.

Beloved by collectors for the enigmatic way in which they ‘bring the entire space together,’ Zimmerman’s installations, sculptures, and custom commissions have been placed in spaces around the globe by R & Company. This exhibition is an exploration of the incredible qualities of Zimmerman’s work in glass, as deciphered, celebrated, and contextualized by the world’s leading designers and architects. Glass in Context presents Zimmerman’s work both as singular sculpture and as objects within designed interiors. We would like to thank participating firms, Damon Liss Design, David Scott Interiors, Eve Robinson & Associates, Fox Nahem Design, Ingrao, Jeff Lincoln Interiors, Mise en Scène Design, Pembrooke & Ives, and Sarah Magness Design, for their collaboration and continued support over the years. Not only does the exhibition showcase their incredible interiors, but their stunning installations also reveal Zimmerman’s intrinsic understanding of volume and space.

Blowing, spinning, and bending glass is not just craft to Zimmerman, it is also an opportunity to simultaneously impact the architecture, ambience, texture, and visual landscape of a space. “I think the lights have a performative aspect to them,” describes Zimmerman, “when people sit at a dinner table they interact with the furniture, with the light, with the art. I think my pieces take up a space that extends beyond the light fixture itself.” His passionate and imaginative interpretations of nature combined with his fluid approach to glassblowing and innovative understanding of atmosphere have resulted in a body of work that is timeless, provocative, and irresistible.