Design Miami 2022

Nov. 30 – Dec. 4

Miami Beach


The R & Company presentation at this year’s Design Miami unites unrivaled works from the its historical and contemporary programs, highlighting the gallery’s leading role in creating and fostering a market for exceptional collectible design, past and present.

The booth spotlights master Brazilian designer José Zanine Caldas‘ monumental dining table with a beautifully carved woodand glass top, as well as an exemplary version of his iconic tête-à-tête chair, the Namoradeira. It features an enchanting blue and white Crystal Cluster illuminated sculpture by Jeff Zimmerman and an 8-ft tall throne chair by Hun Chung Lee, exemplifying the exquisitely intricate glazes for which the leading ceramicist is best known.

Underscoring the unparalleled talent of today’s emerging designers, the booth features a new series of Conversation Pieces by acclaimed artist Roberto Lugo. Coinciding with a solo show taking place at the Wolfsonian–FIU and a Village Potter pop-up booth at the fair, the presentation underlines Lugo’s urgency to give a voice to silenced and underrepresented communities of color by appropriating conventional ceramic traditions to give them a platform and seat at the table. Integrating accessible street and pop cultural references with decorative, artistic practices traditionally reserved for the privileged and elite, the series of six works asks viewers to imagine what conversations would ensue if the individuals portrayed on each vessel had an opportunity to dialogue and share their experiences collectively.

Additionally, the booth will present highlights by celebrated designers Katie Stout, Jolie Ngo, Rogan Gregory and Studio Job, among others, whose work continues to evolve and push the boundaries of their respective art forms.