Design Miami/

3 - 8 December 2019

Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL

R & Company is thrilled to announce its participation in the 2019 edition of the Design Miami/ fair. The booth, divided into five distinct spaces, highlights new solo presentations by leading contemporary artists as well as a curated presentation of rare historical masterworks. 

A portion of the booth is devoted to an immersive installation of new objects and hanging illuminated sculptures made by Jeff Zimmerman with James Mongrain. This collaborative series of new glassworks, developed at the Corning Museum of Glass, combine both Jeff’s innovative approach to glassmaking and James’ impeccable skillsets. “We at The Corning Museum of Glass strive to enable artists to come together in a space that expands their capabilities,” said Eric Meek, Sr. Manager of Hot Glass Programs at The Corning Museum of Glass. “Jeff Zimmerman was able to come here to work with a capable team of glassmakers and one of his trusted friends, James Mongrain. His time with us was incredibly productive, and his capabilities were expanded because of the resources available to him here in Corning. We are thrilled to partner with Jeff to present his work in the epicenter of the art world at Design Miami.”

The resulting collection includes one of kind sculptural pieces that merge both traditional and experimental techniques. This series utilize a unique Italian caning process that allows for the artists to capture the fluidity of the molten glass in the final designs. Drawing inspiration from nature, the presentation demonstrates Zimmerman’s commitment to pushing forward the boundaries of glass art. 

Another central focus of the booth is devoted to a solo installation of new sculptural works by Rogan Gregory. Inspired by extraterrestrial forms as well as mysterious creatures of the deep sea, the abstract and organic pieces on view were all hand sculpted by Rogan in his Los Angeles studio. This is the first time Rogan has conceived of a fully immersive space and has reimagined an entire architectural environment. Installed is a massive sculptural fireplace juxtaposed alongside unique lighting, seating, tables, small objects and a carpet. Utilizing a range of organic and found materials along with experimental techniques, the space defines Rogan’s multifaceted practice. 

R & Company’s booth also debuts a solo presentation of new works by Katie Stout including a handmade ceramic chair and her latest large-scale ceramic Girl lamps. Also on view are the newest designs by The Haas Brothers including a collection of unique side tables and objects cast in bronze and a series of new brass and silver mirrors. In addition to the contemporary works, a large focus of the booth is devoted to presenting important historical designs. On view is one of Wendell Castle’s most rare and influential unique stack laminated tables made in oak in 1969, Marcel Breuer’s “Short Chair” made out of laminated birch frame and molded birch plywood in 1937, and a significant hand-carved bench made by Brazilian designer José Zanine Caldas in the early 1980’s. Together these works demonstrate the gallery’s mission to preserve historical design while continuing to support innovative contemporary design.