DACIA by Serban Ionescu

16 September - 30 October 2019

82 Franklin Street

R & Company presents DACIA an installation of functional artwork by Serban Ionescu on view at the gallery’s 82 Franklin Street location. Presented is a selection of newly made sculptural pieces shown together in an immersive installation. The title DACIA derives from a clash of meanings, origins and mutations; “DACIA” the ancient city and “DACIA” the 1960’s car brand. A land – space – mutating throughout history from a Roman Empire province to a free autonomous Romanian land. A vehicle – an object – mutating over revolutions from the colorless imposed communist commodity to the colorful driving force of the Romanian modern economy. Forms and meanings distort through the echoes of time like Ionescu’s colorful steel works emerge anew out of the ancient ruins of the old and the functional. Chairs, shelves, tables, rise from the rubble like newly freed mutants of form. The ever-changing characters of the future, the bold and the indefinable.

About Serban Ionescu

Romanian, b. 1984. Based in New York

With his drawings in space, Serban Ionescu blurs the boundary between sculpture and design into a line one can inhabit. Ionescu’s work stems primarily from the automatic act of drawing from which his loose instinctual line and his vibrant pops of color expand into a sculptural collage/assemblage. Cartoonish features and limbs are pasted together to create an anthropomorphic form. These pet like shaky and skewed objects-entities poetically and playfully collapse gesture into being in the form of objects, sculptures, installations and architectures. Currently, Serban is presenting his first collaboration with R & Company and completing “Chapel for an apple” an outdoor architectural folly erected in Hudson, NY.