Collective Design Fair

3-7 May 2017

R & Company announces its participation in Collective Design’s 2017 fair with a diverse presentation of rare historical masterworks alongside a selection of inventive contemporary designs.

Highlights on view include a significant rectangular dining table by Brazilian modern designer Jose Zanine, circa 1970. This classic table is handmade out of solid wood and glass and is paired with a set of twelve elegant jacaranda chairs designed by Joaquim Tenreiro. Over this set shines an iconic Jeff Zimmerman illuminated Vine made with brass and glass bulbs hand-blown by the artist.

Other highlights include innovative works by contemporary designers — an iconic coin couch made up of thousands of nickels designed by Johnny Swing and a large playful mushroom sculpture from The Haas Brothers’ recent Afreaks series. Alongside these works is a dramatic cashmere coil by Greg Chait and a hanging Wasp Nest sculpture designed by Porky Hefer, made with products found locally in Capetown including leather, steel and sheepskin.

The booth’s objects gallery presents sought after works by contemporary designers. On display are the latest hand-carved lamps by Rogan Gregory made in translucent alabaster, the debut of new ceramic Accretions in custom glazes by The Haas Brothers, and the latest colorful hand-blown glass vessels by Thaddeus Wolfe. In addition, emerging designer Katie Stout presents the newest works from her Girl series, including a pair of Girl Mirrors and Girl Lamps made in her signature ceramic style. Together, the works at Collective Design Fair this year further R & Company’s mission of discovering and presenting visionary historical and contemporary design.