Collective .1

8-11 May 2013


R 20th Century is pleased to announce our participation in Collective .1. Collective is a new design fair in New York City presenting a cohesive, curated selection of contemporary design and historical pieces from galleries around the world. The inaugural edition, Collective .1, will coincide with Frieze New York and the May auctions and take place at Pier 57, a light-filled industrial space between the gallery hub of Chelsea and the vibrant Meatpacking District.

R 20th Century will feature works by contemporary designers David Wiseman, Thaddeus Wolfe, Jeff Zimmerman, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Kelly Behun Studio, Oeuffice, Anne Fischer and The Haas Brothers alongside vintage masterworks by Greta Magnusson Grossman, Joaquim Tenreiro and Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler, and a selection of vintage lighting.