Bae Se Hwa

A biography

South Korean furniture designer Bae Se Hwa’s meticulous furniture designs debuted internationally in 2010 at Design Miami/ in Basel, Switzerland. Se Hwa begins his designs with geometric diagrams to which he adds elegant curves through a meticulous steam bending process. His designs weave in the Korean concept of baesanimsu; the rising curves in the back of his designs are meant to embody a mountain, while the gentle fluidity in the front of the work embodies a flowing river. The artist aims to evoke a sense of calm and serenity in his work.

Se Hwa completely transforms his initial material by steam-bending slices of wood. His working philosophy is to derive a balance of moderation and harmony in form and function. To the artist, the steam bending process is a journey in finding the balance between yin and yang, that allows him to experience a connection with the object.