Collector Services

R & Company was founded by and for collectors, and we developed the gallery program specifically with this audience in mind. We approach design objects not only as artworks in their own right, but also consider how collectors will live with them in context: how they engage and interact with design, the meaning and concept pieces convey, and how they will activate the surrounding space.

R & Company strives to make our New York and L.A. viewing spaces welcoming and inclusive for clients at all stages of their journey, and we can lend our expertise, resources, and network to support you—whether you need advice about where to start, expertise on navigating the market, historic context on a particular movement, or strategic intelligence about when and how to divest your holdings. 

R & Company is passionate about working with all types of design enthusiasts, from those making a first purchase to art collectors interested in expanding their interests into design categories. We can help novices choose acquisitions that speak to the heart and provide a solid foundation to build from, and steer more seasoned collectors toward pieces that conceptually dialogue with existing works. Connecting collectors directly with contemporary makers to build relationships is another important facet of our program.

We are also adept at storytelling, helping create an overarching narrative around a client’s collection. This is an important step when wanting to refine your portfolio strategically—looking holistically at your entire collection and the space it resides in—or when you are considering de-acquisitioning. R & Company can position your collection in historical and cultural context and then help place items in private or museum environments courtesy of our expansive network.

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