Ron Arad

“Rover” Chair. Designed 1981
Manufactured by One-Off Ltd, London, 1981-89.
Tubular steel, leather Rover seat, cast-iron Klee Klamp joints

Is it sacrilegious for me to say that the Rover chair is my favorite Ron Arad chair? Is it any different than preferring the raw debut album of a rock band over its later refined and professional recordings?

There’s such a glorious punk spirit to the Rover, each seat unique in its wear and recycled from junk yards. There are probably more Rover chairs in the permanent collections of museums than any other Arad design. It is a masterpiece of two manufactured objects *not* designed by Arad, the automobile seat and the Klee Klamp, united with some lengths of metal pipe. Soundtrack: Gang of Four, “Entertainment!” (1979).

36" L x 26" W x 33" H / 91.4cm L x 66cm W x 83.8cm H