The origins of the name Stilnovo (“new style” in Italian) go as far back as the thirteenth century, as a poetic movement developed in Florence between 1280 and 1310 that had among its leaders Dante Alighieri. Seven centuries later, industrialist Bruno Gatta founded Stilnovo in Milan, sharing with its poetic predecessor the desire for a genuinely Italian elegance. The company soon became an essential player in postwar Italian design by partnering with the biggest names in the field, like Achille Castiglioni and Joe Colombo (whose Stilnovo collaboration is also part of this exhibition). This 1968 lamp reflects Stilnovo’s design principles by combining an aluminum base with over-imposed glass domes—a bold geometry that questions the relationship between form and function.

Round table lamp with enameled aluminum base and colored glass shades.

Produced by Stilnovo, Italy, 1968.

15.75" H x 11.81" D