Sergio Rodrigues, Brazil, 1961

Sergio Rodrigues came up with the design for the Sheriff Chair after his friend, photographer Otto Stupakoff, asked for a couch where he could rest and feel “like a sultan.” The seat’s sturdiness opposes the toothpick feet that characterized design at that point, while the relaxing posture anticipates the casual attitudes of the 1960s. In 1961, Rodrigues submitted the design with small modifications to the international furniture competition of Cantu, Italy, under the name of Sheriff, and won first prize in the wood category. The jury considered the Sheriff to be “the only model with current characteristics, despite the conventional treatment of the frame, uninfluenced by fads and absolutely representative of its region of origin.” This example was specially handmade circa 1999 for the cover of the monograph “Sergio Rodrigues,” edited by Soraia Cals (2000).

"Poltrona Sheriff" lounge chair with solid wood frame and light brown leather upholstery. This example handmade circa 1999 for Soraia Cals and featured on the cover of the monograph "Sergio Rodrigues," edited by Soraia Cals (2000).

43.31 L x 39.37 W x 29.53 H / 110CM L x 100CM W x 75CM H