Arne Jacobsen, Denmark, 1935

Dining chair designed by Arne Jacobsen for the restaurant at the Bellevue Theatre, Klampenborg, Denmark, 1935.

One of Jacobsen's earliest chair designs, produced by Fritz Hansen for the restaurant in the Bellevue complex, and later in 1939 for a nearby town hall. Today very few are known to exist. The chair’s synthesis of historical forms and the minimalist execution is masterful. The typical 1920s-30s chair seen in restaurants, ballrooms, and ocean liners, was upholstered, padded, stodgy. Here, the Chinese back is married to a seat whose single piece of leather is reminiscent of a sella curulis. Two rails are placed in the front to support the weight of sitting on the leather, but are low enough not to interfere with the tush.

19.38" L x 21.88" W x 33.25" H
49.2 cm L x 55.6 cm W x 84.5 cm H

CH 1205