Greta Magnusson Grossman, USA, circa 1952

This desk, designed for Glenn of California in 1952, is the epitome of Grossman’s pairing wrought iron details with beautifully figured walnut into a balanced composition. This specific piece is unique in that it does not have the black laminate top normally present in the model, meaning it was a special order and not a production piece. This desk ultimately symbolizes Grossman’s full dive into California modernism while at the same time keeping her particular asymmetric approach. The petite scale suggests this desk was meant for a home, as Grossman was committed to modernizing the home office and worked from home herself.

Desk in walnut and wrought iron with pencil box. Designed for Glenn of California.

48" L x 24.5" W x 28.5" H / 121.92cm L x 62.23cm W x 72.39cm H