"Chess" in painted, patinated, and polished bronze and gold leaf. Designed by Studio Job, Netherlands, 2018. Edition of 4 + prototype + 2 APs.

This chess set contains elements from Studio Job’s most famous collections. The boot, for example, comes from their 'Farm' Collection, the roses derive from the 'Faena' pieces, and the horse recalls 'Chamber' in New York. Each chesspiece is composed as a totem of Studio Job's primary icons like the sword and cross, sculpted with excruciating detail. These pieces also reflect the fundamental production methods of the atelier, which includes bronze casting, highly detailed hand-painting, and gilding. The board itself is 1m square, hand sculpted and cast in bronze with a polished and patinated finish to create black and white patterning.

38.6 L x 38.6 W x 11.8 H
98cm L x 98cm W x 30cm H