Frank Gehry, USA, 1987

"Grandpa Beaver" armchair in corrugated cardboard from the Chiat-Day Building, Santa Monica. Produced by New City Editions, Venice, ca. 1987-91.

Sometimes architects decorate their buildings with chairs they have previously designed, independent of any architectural commission. Such is the case with the present “Grandpa Beaver” chair, which was originally designed by Gehry in 1986 for Vitra as part of his second line of cardboard furniture, known as the “Experimental Edges.” Later, Gehry integrated furniture from the series into the 1990s interior of the Chiat/Day Building in Santa Monica, California (also known as the Binoculars Building because of the Oldenberg/van Bruggen façade sculpture), and the present example was originally placed in the executive offices.

41.5" L x 52" W x 34.5" H
105.4 cm L x 132.1 cm W x 87.6 cm H