Serban Ionescu’s Tower for an Hour


Serban Ionescu’s pavilions are a growing body of work custom-designed for individuals and families, the interior and exterior, corporate campuses, and private residences. Trained in architecture—he received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Pratt Institute—Ionescu’s large-scale dwellings are fully unbound from traditional notions of form, function, and seriality, presenting a novel take on collectible design. The designer is currently open to a select number of pavilion projects over the next few years. 

Ionescu’s meticulous process for the pavilions is detailed in the following pages using his most recent commission, Tower for an Hour, as example: from conception as a drawing, to cardstock model, to fully realized architectural folly. 

Intended for the courtyard of a private residence, Tower for an Hour is a twenty-two-foot-tall structure that offers a space for reflection, rest, and play. The work invites viewers to question the built environment, the interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces, and the confluence of experience and function. 

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