Rooms with a History: Interiors and their Inspirations

Foreword by Christian Louboutin

Ashley Hicks is renowned for his multifaceted career working as an architect and interior decorator for a range of international clients, as well as a designer of custom fabrics, carpets, furniture and objects that he handcrafts. Published in conjunction with his 2019 exhibition at R & Company, Manhattan Studiolo, this publication highlights Hicks deep-rooted interest in tradition, craft and storytelling.

Rooms with a History: Interiors and their Inspirations, charts Hicks’s personal creative journey over the last few years, illustrated with photographs of some favorite historical interiors and objects that represent a mixture of source material and inspiration.

The book’s twelve chapters reveal Hicks’s creative process, how he approaches different themes in his own interiors, furniture designs, and works of art, and how these themes can be applied to the works of others. Such subjects as flowers, color, layers, form, pattern, and memory are presented in the context of actual projects. Historical and recent interiors are discussed for their decorative value–notable rooms and architecture include the Pantheon in Rome; Emperor Maximilian’s tomb in Innsbruck; the Royal Pavilion, Brighton; and the Petit Trianon at Versailles. Hicks has created a book for devotees of decorating and the history of interior design.


Publisher: Rizzoli
Release Date: September 17, 2019
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 9-1/8 x 12″
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-0-8478-6570-3