Studio 65

A biography

Franco Audrito founded Studio65 in Turin in 1965 as an avant-garde experimentation collective that brought together a group of artists, painters, photographers, and aspiring filmmakers- all students of the Faculty of Architecture.

Studio65 immediately became a circle in which these young people could meet to discuss the liberation of man and the world from all forms of oppression; they had such a great passion for life, as all young people do, that they were ready to fight to build a more just society where imagination and freedom of expression could thrive and be valued, thus rejecting the authoritarian outside world, which is often hypocritical, politically correct and opportunistic. So, in 1967 Studio65 joined the rising student movement, occupying the Faculty of Architecture of Turin and proposing a design approach that was strongly critical of the past – but also of the present above all. No more purposeful architecture, but architecture as “arte demolitoria”, or demolition art, which served as the instrument of condemnation and of mocking irony.